My husband and I our recovering from the effects that an emotional affair has left on our marriage. I say recovering because while things are better than they ever have been before I still feel we have a long road ahead of us. I feel confident he would tell you everything is great, and it is. The trouble is I often still feel like it’s just been brushed under the rug, he still feels as there was no physical contact that it wasn’t cheating and I feel the opposite. I still long for the emotional connection I feel he had with someone else. I suffer at times with lack of trust, and desire a deeper more intimate relationship in the physical and the spiritual.

I suppose my biggest struggle is with how fast everything happened. One moment we are good, the next we are in the middle of what seems like the end. I put my faith hope and trust in our Creator and He has faithfully restored us to better than we were before. Yet I sinfully long for more. I long to be so far away from where we were that I forget it. I look toward days that may never come. Being back where we started scares me. I’m scared of falling into a rut and that we will make no further progress.

My hope and prayer is that while we slowly move forward, that I will be content in this season of life as I know God is preparing us for the next season. I also hope that you will find encouragement and faith to restore your own relationships.



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