Proper Notice 

I almost always make dinner around 10pm. My husband gets off from work around 11pm, so I strive to have dinner hot and ready when he walks through the door or shortly there after. I now know that meals are one of those things that are important to my husband, and when I slack off it can make him feel unloved. It is an act of service thing, and it is now important to me because it is important to him. Personally I couldn’t care less if the meal is hot, or even good as long as its edible. I’m fine with chicken nuggets or a bowl of cereal. If I really want a hot meal I will drive through McDonald’s and purchase it! Our daughter always says I give daddy special treatment, because whatever I make for him tonight is usually what they have to eat the next evening. This saves me time, and I know my kids don’t mind nearly as much warming up their meal as their father does. He is just less likely to eat if I warm something up than if its hot and fresh.

A month or so ago my husband sent message halfway through the night inquiring about what I had made for dinner. Usually I decide around the time he heads to work or shortly there after. I will take meat out of the freezer and by the time I am ready to use it, it is usually defrosted. This particular night I wasn’t feeling the best, and had decide to go for simple and I would just decide around 9:30 to 10pm. When I told my husband this, he replies with “what if I come home early.” “Well dear if you want dinner to be ready when you walk in then you should maybe provide me with proper notice that you will be home early.”
Shortly after this conversation my husband came home early from work one night sick. He sent me a message as he pulled into the driveway to let me know it was him so that I wouldn’t be disturbed that someone was coming up our long driveway. I felt horrible that his dinner wasn’t ready, and bustled around to prepare it even though he said he was hungry. I ended up eating alone as he went to be shortly after arriving.
We often get frustrated with others when we do not have proper notice of things to come. Maybe I’ve started dinner just to find out my in laws are bringing pizza. My biggest complaint lately is with our children’s school. The first two years they attended this school, we received a weekly newsletter in our email, and in paper form. This year however has been a nightmare. Sometimes we get a monthly calendar other times not so much. Often I find out the day before a major event that I need to be someone or prepare something. If they only provided us with proper notice it would be so much easier.
If I had been given proper notice that my lungs were going to become a major debilitating issue I would have…. Ok that isn’t true. I can’t really think of much I would have done prior to my issues. Granted there are lots and lots of things I can’t do now, or I can only do in short bursts, I am in many ways grateful. 
My health issues could certainly be worse. In many ways my health issues have had a positive effect on my life. I know with out doubt there have been things take place the last month even that wouldn’t have happened if my health had remained in tact. I’ve had the opportunity to spend more time with my children and my husband and have seen many positive effects due to my health issues. I’ve had the opportunity to finally sit down and write as I have felt led to. You see God is a good nagger. He will often lay something upon our hearts, and when we don’t get right to it, he has a tendency to insure we do in some way or form. 
As I think about life, I’ve often said, if I only knew… I was going to get pregnant with our daughter and not finish my doctorate in pharmacy. If I only knew my dad was going to die when I was 19, If I only knew….. 
Even without the proper notice God has a way of making things work out the way they should. Most often the hard times, that we weren’t given proper notice for end up turning into our biggest blessings. As aggravated as I may get at not knowing ahead of time, I wouldn’t change the way things have happened for anything. 
“For there is a proper time and procedure for every matter, though a person may be weighed down by misery.” Ecclesiastes 8:6 NIV
The next time your thinking if I only knew, If I had the proper notice, If someone had let me know, remember that God’s timing is greater than ours. He knows what He is doing and even if it seems like you are weighed down by misery He has your life in His hands. God’s got this with or without proper notice.


One thought on “Proper Notice 

  1. Great read! The Lord is definitely not on our time schedule and truthfully He doesn’t care about time because He is time. Thanks for the reminder that our life is in His hands and we must walk by faith.

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