My name is Laurie Jo Yeltahs. I am a 30 year old Christian woman from Pennsylvania. My husband and I are rebuilding our relationship and I am hoping to minister hope and encouragement to those facing the same issues we have.


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  1. Fact of the matter is derailment of marriage is indispensable or inevitable, the reason is that we as Chrisians enter into marriage without eliminating evil or devil, allowing him to exist and enter into marriage is always dangerous, See Christ who defeated the devil before He enter into the marriage with His bride which’s to take place in the future, you know why? because if He allows him to be exist then he will definitely intervene either one way of other as he did with first couple, that’s why Christ defeated and shall eliminate him before He enter with a marriage, so as to be everlasting.

    So, what’s needed to safe guard our marriage? Only one way that’s to understand the Gospel of the Kingdom of heaven and disseminate it so as to prepare the way of Christ to return as all these should have to be carried within the stipulated time and surely Christ return to ignite such a couples everlasting married life who have such a life project.

    Perhaps, some time it may cost ones life but whosoever loses his life shall surely retain it to be forever, so without eliminating evil & devil entering into marriage is directly propositional to inviting the evil into our lives, however if we entered then we have to be intact at any cost, if there’s trouble or happiness that never be allowed to unhappiness & bitterness.

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